The vision for the Student Capital is to put the students in Oslo in the center.

The Student Capital is Oslo municipality’s collaboration platform with the students.

Oslo municipality has signed a contract regarding the Student Capital and a strategic cooperation forum. The agreement states that the Student Capital appoints up to two representatives to the strategic cooperation forum for the Knowledge Capital.

The Student Capital consists of the leader of the Welfare Council in Oslo and Akershus, leader of the five biggest student democracies, including The Student Parliament at UiO, the Student Parliament of OsloMet, BI Student Organization, Student Union in Kristiania University College and the Student Council in The Norwegian Police University College, as well as two representatives from the smaller student democracies. The leader of Det Norske Studentersamfund, one representative from SiO’s board, leader of The Student Pubs at Blindern, contact person for The Consulate at OsloMet and the leader of The Student Sports Council all has permanent observer position and the right to speak on the Student Capital’s meetings.

The smaller institutions associated with The Welfare Council are in a separate forum which sets its own mandate and is led is by the cooperation advisor in The Welfare Council. The forum has two representatives in the Student Council and has premeetings before every Student Council meeting.